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What is “The One Minute Elevator Pitch”?
A short presentation you give to your potential customer in order to answer three questions: what, why and how. A great elevator pitch is like a 1-minute commercial for your business. You want to get across as much information as possible while still leaving room for discussion! Keep it simple!

Write Your Elevator Pitch

A great elevator pitch is concise, professional, and memorable. Practice your pitch with friends, family, or even potential clients or employers. However you decide to hone your pitch, don’t let it sit in a drawer forever; use it every chance you get! The most important part of a good elevator pitch is that it gives people enough information to understand what your business does and why they should care.

Use Your Elevator Pitch

So, what’s the point? Whether you’re actually in an elevator or not is irrelevant. When you’re in a social situation and someone asks you, what is it you are promoting or selling or they ask what your business is, you usually have about 1 minute before their eyes start glazing over. Most people’s attention span is REALLY short! You need to be able to succinctly tell them what you do in that time frame.

Work on Your Delivery

What do you do? First you have to REALLY know and understand thoroughly and completely every nuance and aspect of the service or product you are promoting. It doesn’t matter if you are promoting a service or product as an affiliate, or the service or the product is your own. You must know your stuff!  Also, write a good copy. When you talk about your business, it should be concise and to-the-point, with a hook at the end that compels people to ask questions if they’re interested.

Get Feedback On Your Pitch
Secondly, write out a detailed list of all the benefits, all the attributes of your service or product. In addition, add to your list, why anyone would want to buy your service or product. Think in terms of WIFM (What’s In it For Me). Thirdly, study, study, and study some more! Get to the point where you understand your service or product intimately. Get to the point where you could talk about your offer “in your sleep”. You will have a better chance of getting people interested in what you're offering if they know exactly what they're getting into and how it's going to benefit them. It’s not enough just to get their attention; once you do, keep their interest by making sure they understand what they’re hearing and why it’s important. Remember: elevator pitches are meant for one thing only—to get people interested enough to ask for more information or buy something!

Take Action to Improve
Lastly, PRACTICE! Yes, practice talking about the attributes of your service or product, and how it will benefit the recipient, the one who signs up, buys from you! And time yourself to be able to do your pitch in ONE MINUTE! If you can do your pitch within one minute, then that’s how you know that you REALLY understand your service or product.  Just keep practicing, and always follow up by asking what would you like to know? or how can I help? And now that you have a business elevator pitch, go out there and give it. Go ahead! You got it!

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